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I began practicing yoga in 2000 and am amazed every day by its 'magic'.  To deepen my personal practice and explore teaching, I completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training program in 2016.  To further my knowledge and experience with the slow, grounding practice of Yin, I became certified in Yin Yoga in 2017.    

My classes infuse yogic philosophy, music and chanting, safe and gentle asana, breathwork, and meditation practices.  It is my mission to provide a supportive environment for yogis to learn and practice both the physical and mental techniques yoga offers.  I utilize the Universal Principles of Alignment, a sense of humor, the healing power of voice and music, and bold acceptance for all as we are, to ensure a safe and healthy space for students.

Yoga has supported me throughout the years through a variety of styles and levels.  This includes basics/beginners, hatha, vinyasa flow, therapeutics, gentle, restorative, yin yoga, corporate work based practices, as well as pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation classes.  It is a joy and privilege to share my personal yoga practice with yogis of all shapes, sizes, and ability.

I bow in gratitude to all my teachers - on and off the mat -

for their generous guidance, unwavering encouragement,

and their insistence that I am perfect as I am.



private sessions & small groups
video instruction
studio class substitutions
office yoga and meditation
NAMAHA - teacher co-practice

sOMe of the benefits of yoga

A regular yoga practice -

Increases flexibility

Increases muscle strength and tone

Improves balance

Protects spine, corrects poor posture

Improves the immune system

Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

Lowers blood pressure

Regulates adrenals

Improves circulation and bone health

Maintains a balanced nervous system

Improves respiration

Maintains a balanced metabolism

Improves athletic performance

Teaches stress management tools

Helps shift perspective and creates positive thinking patterns

Yoga increases energy, mental alertness, clarity and stamina

Benefits of Yoga for the Sedentary and Demanding Lifestyle of The Times

In our sedentary lifestyle, taking breaks during the day is an effective way to relieve stress and assist with focus and productivity.

Yoga reduces stress and tension and teaches stress management tools

Yoga helps correct poor posture and improves circulation, improves the immune

system and overall health

Yoga increases productivity, motivation, and performance, improves decision-

making and creativity

Yoga helps shift perspective and creates positive thinking patterns

Yoga helps ease eye strain and poor circulation, and can improve sleep

Yoga increases energy, mental alertness, clarity and stamina

And the best part of Yoga:  Yoga is for everyone.

Benefits of Restorative and Yin Yoga Classes

Restorative and Yin yoga classes are an important complement to faster paced Vinyasa flow classes and the fast pace of life itself.

Soothes the nervous system

Slows down the pace of life

Enhances flexibility and range of motion through muscle, fascia, and joint relaxation

Cultivates body awareness and introspection

Boosts the immune system


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